Astonishing View(ability)


The Truth Behind Every Impression.

TRANSPARENCY and TARGETING are at the heart of Clearstream’s core technology, bringing you highly targeted advertising that’s premium quality, brand safe, message relevant, and efficient.

The result? Performance no one else can offer.


Programmatic precision, brand safety, differentiated data, performance excellence…you name it, we’ve exceeded industry expectations of it. 


If video advertising had a fairy godmother, it'd be us.


Seeing the truth behind every impression.

Taking ‘random’ out of the equation.

Viewing the world right-side up.

Private Marketplace (PMP)
Clearstream technology on your terms.

Targeting every single screen touch point.

Going the long way never seemed so right.


Post-Programmatic Decisioning


Clearstream’s Post-Programmatic Decisioning (PPD) sees the truth behind every impression in real time, driving viewability scores up to 3x the industry standard.

Greater fraud prevention  |  Increased engagement  |  Decreased media costs  |  Deterministic vs. probabilistic analysis


Our data-driven solution has the ANSWERS




Programmatic growth is skyrocketing.

Measurement and transparency? Not so much. 

MULTISCORE is based on agnostic verification and reporting, and deterministic targeting. That means stream-level insight that unlocks video’s true potential with contextual relevancy, superior viewability, premium content, viewability rates by the second, and thousands of additional data points. 


What does that get you?

An 85% INCREASE in viewable impressions compared to industry standards.




Viewing the world right-side up.

Vertical video now accounts for 29% of all video viewed online*. Which means responsive video has never been so important.


Here are a few of the things that make us a VIEWABILITY GROUNDBREAKER regardless of screen orientation:

Instant Calculation: 
Viewability is calculated at 4x per second vs. our competitors who sample each quartile.

Guaranteed Viewability: 
No need to optimize. If it’s not in view, it won’t run. Period.

Integrate it into any trading desk for programmatic access.

Device Agnostic:
This is the FIRST-EVER mobile viewability solution. Leverages HTML5 & JavasScript frameworks. No more heavy flash files.


Private Marketplace (PMP)


Our PMP is OPEN for You.

Use your own platform with:

  • Managed performance & guarantees
  • (No continual optimization)
  • Deterministic inside a probabilistic ecosystems
  • Define & go
  • Access to insights & reporting

Because we have our own supply, we can eliminate the middle man. That means greater efficiency and better performance.





Go on, do all the touch(point)ing you like. 

Screensync is based on an exclusive partnership with Set-Top-Box and mobile data providers that allows advertisers to target across all screen touch points at massive scale.

Clearstream leverages an understanding of TV viewing habits that’s actionable in real time. Our solution allows 1:1 targeting of audiences based on view and non-view actions to achieve verifiable incremental audience
reach efficiently.

  • Access to larger audience data to increase precision and scale
  • Real-time active targeting, not historical or post-campaign
  • Multi-device registration through MSOS
  • Identify broadband connections





Going the LONG WAY never seemed so right.

STREAMSEED has turned native video publishing on its head to create a seamless solution that allows brands to participate directly with editorial video content.

Using our proprietary targeting technology that lives inside the native video player, longer-form content is now tightly integrated within the stream.

What that means to brands is, long-form, 100% opt-in, premium content in brand-safe environments, plus:

  • More contextual relevancy 
  • Increased viewability
  • Higher brand awareness