See the Truth Behind
Every Impression


Up to 100% GUARANTEED VIEWABILITY is no longer as rare as a Bigfoot sighting.


Clearstream’s Post-Programmatic Decisioning (PPD) sees the truth behind every impression in real time,  driving viewability scores up to 3x the industry standard.

That means:

  • Greater fraud prevention
  • Increased engagement
  • Decreased media costs
  • Deterministic vs. probabilistic analysis

Our data-driven solution has the ANSWERS.

Post-Programmatic Decisioning


Higher engagement & ROI


Clearstream’s tech delivers significantly improved performance.


Illustrative example


Probabilistic vs Deterministic? What's the difference?


Probabilistic: ‘based on or adapted to a theory of probability; subject to or involving chance variation’

Deterministic: ‘a system in which no randomness is involved [and] will always produce the same output from a given starting condition or initial state.’

  • 1 to 1
  • People-based
  • Outcome certainty

“The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”  – Albert Einstein

“The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”

– Albert Einstein


Get what you pay for.
Get the Good stuff.


We show our value 4x per second, billions of time a day, with unique and customized ways to work together, removing the risk.

  • Viewable CPM
  • Viewable CPCV
  • Audio & Viewable on Completion
  • GroupM Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed CPM — customized to your metric


It’s what’s on the inside that matters.

Programmatic growth is skyrocketing.
Measurement and transparency? Not so much.

Our platform integrates with the leading verification and authentication platforms – that means we don’t just “talk the talk” we “walk the walk”! Each impression is measured 4x per second through our MULTISCORE technology which enables you to optimize to different outcomes and see for yourself.


Real, Reassuring Results in Real-Time.


Programmatic precision, brand safety, differentiated data, performance excellence…you name it, we’ve exceeded industry expectations of it.


Just ask these guys… 


Our marketplace.
Your buying platform.


Access to Clearstream performance on your terms.


  • Managed performance & guarantees
    (no continual optimization)
  • Deterministic inside a probabilistic ecosystem
  • Define & go
  • Access to insights & reporting

Our own GLOBAL SUPPLY SIDE PLATFORM is OPEN for you at first look.

  • 1.5+ Billion Daily Viewable Marketplace Impressions
  • More than 50 Standard Endemic and Custom Package Segments

Because we have our own supply, we can eliminate the middle man. That means greater efficiency and better performance.



Data Integrations


Our advanced data infrastructure, data management platform, and existing integrations means onboarding your first-party data is PAINLESS.

Clearstream’s own first-party data, thanks to our proprietary Post-Programmatic Decisioning technology, captures information on user sessions before launching your campaign. 


1st Party Data Capabilities (examples)

  • Cross Device Instrumentation (4x per second)
  • Offline Data-Matching
  • Device Deep Learning
  • Exact Lat/Log/Alt/Heading Capture (not inferred)
  • User Level Performance & Behavioral Data
  • Real Time Application Graph




Client and 3rd Party Segmentation


Real eyeballs. Real metrics. Real Inventory. Real Safety.


It starts with the best in the biz.
No joke.

Our EVP, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer has educated US Senators, counseled the UN, contributed to Canada’s self-regulatory code of conduct…we could go on, but it would take up so much space.

Did we mention better inventory?

Our Private Marketplace (PMP) of brand safe inventory provides access to 1,000+ publishers, reaching 4B global daily impressions. We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner, MediaTrust certified, and a member of the IAB and NAI. 


Try Clearstream.
We Will Prove it.